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Reveal your beauty with skillful makeup artistry, enhancing features for a radiant and confident allure.

Russian Technique Eyelash Extension

Try our Russian Technique Eyelash Extensions for a naturally glamorous and lasting eye enhancement.


Refresh your skin with personalized facials, expertly tailored for a radiant glow in just one session.

Moroccan Bath

Relax and refresh with our Moroccan bath, leaving your skin clean and renewed for a refreshed feeling.


Experience a calming massage designed to ease tension at our spa for a refreshed and revitalized feel.

Hair Essentials and Add-Ons

Explore hair essentials for a salon experience, enhancing your look with care and extra touches

Hair Color & Treatment

Upgrade your style with vibrant hair color and nourishing treatments for stunning, healthy locks

Hair Service Highlights

Enhance your hairstyle with highlights for a radiant and standout look

Hair Extension & Tape Care

Elevate your style with extensions and effortless care using our tape service for a flawless, lasting look.

Hair Treatments

Renew your hair, making it healthier with our expert care for the natural beauty of your locks


For a stylish, durable, and lasting finish, showcasing your unique style with flair.

Nail Care & Styling

Nail care and styling with our expert services for a polished look reflecting your personal beauty.

Nail Care Express (Full Colour)

Experience express nail care with full-color for a quick, vibrant way to enhance your nails.

Nail Care French Gel

Nail care with French gel, a touch of sophistication for a classic and timeless look with an elegant and stylish feel.

Body Waxing

Experience sleek and hair-free skin with our body waxing services, ensuring a confident feel.

Facial Grooming

Refine your look with facial grooming for a neat and confident appearance.

Hair Removal and Halawa

Smooth your skin with hair removal and halawa services, ensuring a hair-free and natural feel for a carefree and confident you.